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The Weatherstation Inn


Situated in the Florida Straits, 150 miles from the American mainland and just 90 miles north of Cuba, Key West became known as the "Gibraltar of the Gulf." It was this ideal location that perfectly placed the Key West Naval Station for the key role it would play in the military actions of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Beginning with the campaign against Caribbean pirates in the 1820's, through the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, the rich tapestry that is Key West's history is inextricably woven with that of the U.S. Naval Station. The United States Weather Bureau building was erected in 1912. After 1951, the Weatherstation Inn building served as residential housing for the U.S. Navy and was subsequently abandoned after the closure of the Base Annex in 1974. The two-story structure, renaissance in style, typifies both the U.S. military architecture of the period and the unique site of a tropical American military base. Purchased by Tim and Kelly Koenig as a private home, the young couple received the Rehabilitation Award for the best adaptive reuse project of 1992. The Koenigs then transformed the property into a bed and breakfast in 1995 and Ocean Properties, Ltd. purchased the property shortly thereafter. The Weatherstation Inn proudly opened its doors to guests in the spring of 1997.